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No Sweat Liner (10 per pack) by HEADLINE IT!

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HEADLINE IT! ACTIVE: "HEADLINE IT! is the ONLY PRODUCT in the WORLD that EVAPORATES the sweat, instead of 'steaming' your head like the others. It is COOLER in the SUMMER and WARMER in the WINTER, by letting the SWEAT DISAPPEAR! STOP SWEAT from running in to your eyes! Our high tech wicking materials pull sweat to the top layer and evaporate continuously, leaving your head cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The back SMS layer traps oil, salt and odors, increasing the HYGIENE and COMFORT of any wearer. Average use ONE WEEK. Two liners can be used for optimal performance in any hard hat, baseball cap, helmet or headwear item. Viscose/Polyester/SMS materials. Disposable. One size fits all. 10 individually wrapped liners/box.





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